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The Financial Ombudsman and Financial Services Compensation Scheme are free services. You are not required to use the services of a firm which carries on regulated claims management activity to pursue your claim. It is possible for you to present a claim yourself, for free, either to the person against whom you wish to complain, or to the relevant statutory ombudsman or compensation scheme.
If our services are engaged, we will charge a fee upon successful completion of the claim of between 15% and 25% of the total amount of compensation awarded, subject to a maximum of £10,000.

Three easy steps

1. Assess your claim

Our team of experts will check your eligibility.

2. Credit check

We'll do a soft credit search with your permission(doesn't affect your credit score) to look for possible claims, we will then work out roughly what you could be owed.

3. Get the ball rolling

Upload relevant documents and sign the documentation so we can refer your claim to one of our trusted solicitor partners to start the process of getting your compensation.

Three easy steps

1. Assess your claim

Our team of experts will check your eligibility.

2. Credit check

We'll do a soft credit search with your permission(doesn't affect your credit score) to look for possible claims, we will then work out roughly what you could be owed.

3. Get the ball rolling

Upload relevant documents and sign the documentation so we can refer your claim to one of our trusted solicitor partners to start the process of getting your compensation.

Why can I claim back?

Have you ever felt like you've been dealt an unfair hand when it comes to your car finance? You're not alone. In today's complex financial landscape, many consumers have found themselves ensnared in unsuitable car finance agreements, often without fully understanding the implications. The good news is that you have the legal right to reclaim your money and achieve a sense of financial fairness.

Mis-sold car finance can manifest in various forms, ranging from intricate financing arrangements to concealed fees and unfavorable terms. At their core, these financing agreements are intended to provide individuals with access to vehicles and the convenience of flexible payment options. However, in certain instances, they can unexpectedly lead to financial hardships, leaving borrowers feeling overwhelmed and disadvantaged.

The complexity of these financial arrangements can make it challenging for consumers to navigate the intricacies of their car finance agreements. Inaccurate information, undisclosed costs, and unsuitable product offerings can further exacerbate the situation. It is not uncommon for individuals to discover, sometimes after signing the contract, that the financing terms do not fully align with their financial situation or initial expectations.

What is mis-sold car finance?

Mis-sold car finance occurs when individuals are offered car financing agreements that don't align with their financial needs or circumstances. This typically arises from misleading information provided during the sales process, leading to a mismatch between expectations and reality.

Inaccurate information, such as misrepresented interest rates, repayment schedules, or the future value of the vehicle, can mislead borrowers into making decisions based on incorrect financial assumptions.

Moreover, undisclosed fees and charges can exacerbate the issue, leaving borrowers unaware of the full financial implications of their financing choice.

Furthermore, the sale of unsuitable financing products can compound the problem. Borrowers might be convinced to opt for a higher-cost financing option when a more affordable one would better suit their budget.

Mis-sold car finance can result in significant financial repercussions, leaving consumers burdened with unforeseen costs and obligations. It is essential to recognize these issues and take appropriate action to seek compensation and financial redress.

Important Announcement Regarding Motor Finance Market Investigation by FCA

In response to a surge in customer complaints related to discretionary commission arrangements (DCA) in the motor finance market, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has initiated an investigation. The FCA will appoint a Skilled Person to review historical motor finance agreements involving DCAs to assess potential poor incentives and their impact on customers.

Immediate rules have been implemented, including a 37-week pause on responding to DCA complaints and an extension of the time limit for complainants to refer issues to the Financial Ombudsman from 6 to 15 months. These measures are specific to motor finance agreements with discretionary commission arrangements.

The FCA pledges to address widespread misconduct and consumer losses efficiently, compensating affected individuals if necessary.

We will continually monitor FCA progress updates and will advise our clients if/when their own claims can be progressed

For more information, please refer to the FCA's Policy Statement and consumer information page. For more information regarding what the FCA has released on the topic, click here.

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Emma Young

I saw a post on Facebook and thought I'd go through to Clear Money Claims as I had nothing to lose and only something to gain. They sorted out all my power work in the background and I only had to obtain a few documents myself and they did the rest! Chris always kept me updated on my claim and told me anything I needed to know and by WhatsApp so I didn’t have to wait for long emails etc.. can’t wait for the end result.

Max Jones

From the first contact with Clear Money Claims I have felt extremely valued and looked after. I have been kept up to date with progress of my claim. I can’t say enough about Ewan who has been first class with his customer experience. The first solicitor decided not to run with my claim but straight away Ewan had another solicitor ready for me. If your looking to make a claim then use Clear money claims and I’m recommending them to all my friends.

Sadie Canner-Dent

I have been dealing with a gentleman called Sam Jenkins so far throughout my experience with Clear Money Claims and I can't recommend them enough. The process so far has been so smooth and clear from the first day of dealing with them and I shall be recommending my family members to use them.

Adam Papworth

Clear Money Claims have been extremely approachable, supportive and professional in every way they have taken me through the claims process. Feedback to any question I have had over my claims have been clear and prompt. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Georgie Bebb

I never knew I could be owed so much money until I found this company. The service they offer is very efficient and streamline making it effortless for me to get the money back I’m entitled to. Not forgetting how friendly and helpful Haydn has been along the way. Thank you again!


We help clients seek compensation for undisclosed commissions from Dealerships and Finance Providers, known as 'Section 140' claims. We also assist with mis-sold finance cases, including instances where you may not have been offered suitable finance options, faced unexpected end-of-finance charges, or struggled with unaffordable payments.

We offer a free assessment service, you will then be referred onto one of our partner solicitors, who will explain why they're the best fit for your case and their percentage fee for a successful outcome. Our legal partners provide a risk-free service, with the only potential charges being if you cancel within 14 days before the case ends. If you stay with them until the case ends, even if the case is unsuccessful you will not be charged.

If you proceed with a claim through our legal partner, we may receive a commission from them, allowing us to offer our service for free.

Alternatively, you can use your own legal representation for court claims or directly complain to the lender, utilizing the Financial Ombudsman if dissatisfied, at no cost.

There is no guaranteed amount, however our partner law firm aim to get you up to the full amount of the finance agreement. The average claim is worth £6,000. You must legally receive minimum of 51% of the winnings but it is normally more.

You will get contact details for your account manager who will update you throughout.

Click on the ‘Start My Claim’ buttons above/below, or contact us directly.

You can make one claim, per finance agreement, so if for example you took four cars out on finance, then you could be eligible for four claims.

Don't worry, you are still able to start a claim with us as we are able to request your finance agreements from the dealership and/or the finance provider.

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At Clear Money Claims, our goal is utmost transparency. You'll only be charged a fee if we successfully secure financial redress for you. The success fees can range from 15% to 25% of your settlement, depending on the amount. For more information, click here. In the event that you pursue your claims until the end but they turn out to be unsuccessful, you won't owe any payment. If you decide to cancel your claim after the 14-day cooling-off period but before the process concludes, there may be a cancellation charge. To learn more about cancellation fees, click here.