Mis-Sold Motor Finance

You could be owed thousands from mis-sold car finance.

Approximately 90% of car agreements between 2006 and 2020 were mis-sold. (According to the Financial Conduct Authority.)

Clear Money Claims can help you figure out if you were misled and get you your money back. The average claim is £10,000 per car! So, it’s worthwhile starting your claim today.

If there are any grey areas and your claim is unsuccessful, there’s no fee to pay! So what have you got to lose?

Knowledge is power

Car finance companies were still “operating loosely”, for want of a better phrase… until the FCA brought out a regulatory report in 2019. This brought mis-selling to the forefront of people’s minds, and likely leading you to finding Clear Money Claims today.

New and used cars… vans… all types of motor vehicle under personal contract hire (PCP), hire purchase (HP) or a vehicle loan is where mis-selling was discovered. This could have cost a customer substantially more money over the period of their contract.

How does this help you?
If you have taken a vehicle out on finance in the last ten years, you could be entitled to money back!

Why choose Clear Money Claims?

With Clear Money Claims as your team, you’ll have someone in your corner, fighting for your money back, without having to sacrifice your time.

Time is the currency of life.

You can start any claim TODAY within just five minutes. Sort it online from the comfort of your home or wherever you might be with your phone.

Find out if you’re eligible, without any of the hassle.


If you have taken out a car on finance between 2006 and 2020 then you may be eligible. Our team is able to figure this out for you.

Our partner law firms act on a competitive, flexible terms basis which means if you do not get any money back, then it doesn’t cost you anything. If you win your claim, then the law firm take a percentage.

There is no guaranteed amount, however our partner law firm aim to get you up to the full amount of the finance agreement. The average claim is worth £6,000. You must legally receive minimum of 51% of the winnings but it is normally more.

You will get contact details for your account manager who will update you throughout.

Click on the ‘Start My Claim’ buttons above/below, or contact us directly.

You can make one claim, per finance agreement, so if you took four cars out on finance, then you could be eligible for four claims.